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Welcome to the RME Shop

We provide SAE students discounts on all RME audio interfaces.

Please note that some interfaces are NOT available for direct delivery due to shortages of components. These interfaces can still be ordered online and are indicated by the word BACKORDER in the title. Please contact us before ordering for estimated delivery times.
Over 2400 SAE students did register!

Over 2400 SAE students did register!

We would like to welcome all SAE students visiting our website.
Please register first before shopping to enjoy your special SAE student deals.


Finished your study or just a great RME fan? Then please register for a "Friends of RME" login below.
Want to shop around? Then please register first

Want to shop around? Then please register first

Finished your study of just a big RME fan, then please register first for your "Friends of RME" login to be able to enjoy our special prices for registered customers.


About the RME products shop supported by SFB

SFB was one of the first companies in the world that started selling and supporting RME products.
This shop is a logical continuation of our dedication to their fine range of products. RME is known for their innovative, user friendly, and high-quality digital audio solutions used by home artists and in professional music- and broadcast studios all around the world.
Next to the superb audio interfaces RME provides the best and most stable audio drivers for all computer platforms.
We, SFB are known for our superb service and support to all our customers big and small.

All products bought on this website will be sent out to you by SFB in The Netherlands.

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